Newhay Lakes - Rules & Information
Newhay Lakes is not responsible for any loss, damage or theft of property.
Max. 3 Rods per Peg
No Fisherman to be more than 1 Peg from his Rods. All Fish remain property of Newhay Lakes. If in doubt, Please ask!
Fish to be returned to the Water as quickly as Possible.
  • No Fixed Leads
  • No Bent Hooks
  • No Sacking of Fish
  • No Loose Feeding of Sweetcorn
  • No Cereal or Particle Baits
  • No Nuts
  • No Method Feeder
  • No Dogs, Radios, Litter, Fires, Swimming or Diving
  • Barbless Hooks Only
  • Minimum 10lb Line
  • Unhooking Mat
  • Sling for Weighing
  • Uncoated Braid Only - Klinik or Similar


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